APVs “Advanced Personal Vaporiser”: What Are They?


If you’re new to vaping, then you’re probably a little confused about all the terminology. Most people find it confusing initially. Today, we are going to try to help you make sense of some of the confusion by explaining what people mean when they talk about APVs.

APV stands for “Advanced Personal Vaporiser”. They also go by another name, “vape mods”. In the simplest definition of an APV, they are simply the current generation of e-cigarettes.

First generation e-cigarettes were much smaller and tended to have the appearance of a cigarette. APVs are much larger. They have big batteries and a large stem. As well as their size and shape, they also have additional features in comparison to the original e-cigarettes.

The reason that people call APVs “Mods” is that they originally referred to modified e-cigarettes. People would modify their e-cigs so that they could hold extra batteries, and so last longer when out and about. They attached batteries to the e-cigs and so they became “modified” and they shortened this term of “mod”.

Later, manufacturers of e-cigs caught on to the fact that people were modifying their devices in order to increase performance. For people who were using ecig mods, it appeared to be less important to them that their devices looked like cigarettes, and more important that they lasted a long time and that they sported various features. The manufactures then started to make e-cigarettes that mimicked the modifications made by the users.

For example, they would add spring-loaded buttons to deliver the electric impulse to a coil to heat the vape liquid. They also added more battery power and made the units bigger. Today, “mods” resemble large boxes much more than they resemble cigarettes. This change was all driven by the users and what they needed as times evolved and they moved away from the habit of smoking.


Nowadays, we have three different classes of ecigs:


  • Class 1: Mini – these are much closer in size to a cigarette and ideal for people who are trying to swap smoking for vaping. It keeps the two habits similar and makes it easier to make the transition.


  • Class 2: Midi – these are larger than the mini, but still small enough to feel lightweight and easy to hold. They have some additional features in comparison to the class 1 units, e.g. longer battery life, but they’re still reminiscent of the class 1s.


  • Class 3: Maxi (or, as most people call them APVs) – these are the largest of the three and have the broadest functionality and the most features. They have much larger batteries, giving them a long shelf life. Some also have digital screens, so that you can monitor the various functions going on such as power input, voltage, and liquid feed. APVs are the most comprehensive type of ecigs and the most popular.

In terms of their shape, class 3 have two common shapes:

  1. Boxmods – as the name suggests, these look like boxes.


  1. Tubemods – these ecig mods look much more like cigarettes than the boxmods, although they are still rather chunky in comparison to the e-cigs.

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