Obama together with Oprah Selling Machine.

Who is on your sales staff? Many times, success in the area is far from a single effort. There is frequently an inside customer support team, service coordinators, a product expediter, a reliable delivery department, and superior vendor technical support operating behind the scenes ensuring that the customer’s experience is a good one. The company is the facilitator of those collective efforts and the representative of their business when dealing with clients.

This past weekend, the fast changing political landscape had been introduced into the live version of a new happening. Although Hollywood-types have often backed political candidates and causes, the world has been holding their breath in anticipation of the impact of Oprah’s endorsement of Barack Obama. Oprah lends her star-power for her buddy, Obama,”a new kind of leader who owns a tongue dipped in the fact,” Winfrey said.

The Oprah and Obama travel tour provides new meaning to the term dynamic-duo! I don’t believe that anyone will ever be able to remove the pleasure-filled grin from his face.

“In what might be the largest phone-banking campaign in the country’s history, every attendee was given a sheet which listed four documented S.C. voters and a phone script. Attendees were requested to call the Republicans on their own sheet, right there and then, amazing selling machine review and ask them to support Obama in the Democratic primary.” No matter your political persuasion, this sales effort is impressive. The news coverage and the amount of posts are amazing.

Talk about earnings teams! This pairing may be just what the doctor ordered to propel Obama to the cause the run for the Democratic nomination.

The point of all this is to keep in mind that our success at selling our ideas and products is really a team effort. Even when you are a self-employed company of one who handles everything from sales to accounting, you too rely on vendors, FedEx, US Mail and reliable technology to make sure your sales success. You’re indeed part of a group effort, albeit the focal member.

None of us operates in a vacuum. It’s necessary and appropriate to honor and care about your sales team. If appropriate, introduce these individuals to your customers. Make it even more personal. Put faces on each and every section and function.

Bear in mind, the main point is that individuals interact with individuals to make things happen. Humanize your advertising efforts and heat up your sales success.

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