Online Gambling Keeps increasing in great britain

ACNielsen recently released a study that shows that online gambling has increased by 40% previously twelve months in the UK. Both online poker play and online casino gambling saw substantial increases throughout the last year.

Online gambling sites throughout the last year saw an additional 3.2 million British customers betting at their sites. Online poker sites also welcomed increasing numbers of British players. Party Poker saw a growth of 174% which translated to an additional 870,000 players at its site. Party Casino welcomed a growth of 360% of their player base throughout the last year.

Interestingly, online gambling in the UK is gaining popularity at a faster rate than online social networking sites such as for instance Facebook. While online gambling sites saw a growth of 3.2 million customers, online social networking sites saw a growth of 2.2 million people.

Online gambling may be the hobby that’s most rapidly on the rise in the UK. Neil Beston, domino228 communications director at Nielsen stated: “Online gambling has always been extremely popular among people over the age of 65 and in lower class society. Nevertheless, that profile is changing because of the economic downturn.”

Actually, the report discovered that close to 50% of online gamblers earn significantly more than €36,092. 46% of all online gamblers are female players which would explain the truth that many online gaming sites offer female-friendly features.

The ones that are against online gambling have expressed concern on the figures released by Nielsen, as they indicate these sites are too easily accessible. Adrian Scarfe from GamCare commented: “Online casinos are 24/7 open and people can gamble at home. Young players and female gamblers are thought whilst the weak segments because of the lack of risk aversion. Additionally, people can gamble online while they’re drunk without the control.”

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