When Conduct Miracles Because of?

Another night I watched Oprah’s Leadership Academy for Girls. The show was about Oprah’s idea to create a prestigious school for female South African teenagers who have the quality and attitude of leaders. The school opened early January of this year 2007.

All girls featured on the show originated in poor neighborhoods. Besides, despite their young age, all have noticed very harsh circumstances: loss in parents and close relatives, abandonment, impoverishment… However, what stroke me most as I watched the show was girls’spirit acim. These were all looking up for a richer future, hoping and working for a better life compared to the one their parents or grandparents had. All show determination to succeed, to achieve.

When I contemplate it, Oprah’s project to create a school for these girls that she hasn’t met before is really a plain miracle. Usually we call an event a miracle whenever we think it is impossible because of it to occur below, right now. How could these bright girls quit their world of poverty and pursue an entire new road of high standing education without a miracle? And how can they afford such education? Do you know what? not merely they got the education but they did not need to cover a cent because of it either. That’s a miracle.

Thus, miracle isn’t solely some supernatural, unexplained circumstances. Miracle also happens when someone hears this call of his/her life, pays focus on and acts on it. Like anything else, miracles come in different sizes, some small and some large, but they are all miracles. They are able to originate from you and me.

Don’t you believe a miracle happens when you decide to be kinder to you spouse? take more time with your children? give some money to the needy? volunteer your time and energy to the area library? visit an elderly neighbor? smile to a stranger?

Miracles happen whenever we stop being indifferent.

But just like miracles can originate from simple human, they can as well originate from God, that is when no human is involved in the accomplishment of the miracle. Today a patient has cancer, tomorrow he’s healed, completely cancer free. Why? how? nobody knows, but it is a fact that the patient is healed.

Don’t await a miracle to occur to alter your life. Allow yourself to participate it. Once you hear the decision, answer it. It is really a soft but clear and persistent voice in you mind. Don’t shut it down.

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