Hockey – Deserving of Even more Devotees?

A few nights ago, my roommate and I were performing a little late-night channel surfing….the real world? no….after-hours music videos? no….the cooking channel? definitely not….NHL hockey? Yeah, sure. You will want to? But as I was thinking only a little hockey was so as before bedtime, my roommate gave a resounding’not really a chance.’ So, we watched something else, probably something on ESPN. But that got me to thinking – why does hockey get this kind of bad rap? How has hockey become a virtual non-existent in the minds of sports fans in this country? Remember the times through the hockey strike? No? Neither do almost every other Americans. But why? What’s it about hockey that turns us off?

Americans are usually impatient people. We would like what we would like and we are interested now!! That is the basic mentality in 하키중계 the USA, could it be not? So, you can argue that hockey might not be exciting enough for people; that it doesn’t fulfill our incessant requirement for instant gratification. But, in the event that you look at the typical scoring line for hockey games, you’ll see that there’s lots of action. Most games have ranging from 5 and 10 goals, sometimes more. And seeing that how the overall game is 60 minutes long, goals are increasingly being scored every few minutes. Furthermore, if your game ends in a tie, they have an immediate death shootout to decide the winner. Just how much more action would you possibly want?

Or, could it be that we don’t think hockey players are athletic enough to pull of the spectacular plays to which we’ve become accustomed watching basketball and football. Maybe. But if you watch hockey closely, you’ll note that hockey is let me tell you one of the very most action packed displays around. With 10 players flying round the rink in excess of 35-40 mph, the stick work and passing is exhilirating, whilst the hits are utterly bone shattering and sometimes near fatal. Consequently, a fair assessment is that spectators definitely get their money’s worth.

So, what’s the deal? Why can’t a sport that has the high-paced action of basketball and the hard hitting of football seem to get a wide enough audience base? I really can’t put my finger on it. I for one am a huge fan of hockey. Yes, almost every other fans sport outdated mullets, are missing some of their teeth and say things such as’hoser’and’eh’all day long. But, the game is exciting just the same. Maybe we Americans don’t prefer hockey due to the foreign origins and having less a basic understanding of the rules. Whatever it could be, I believe that hockey deserves more respect and credit compared to sports gives it.

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