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Basic CS tactics

Let me begin by stating a couple of things:

1. Some veteran CS players usually takes offense to someone who’s routinely in the bottom of the scoreboard preaching CS tactics to you. In that case, then feel free not to see this.

2. (and this really is in no way, shape, or form an insult): CS has nothing on Natural Selection in the way of Tactics. Once you understand the maps in CS, even these basic strats can win a game title everytime (random headshots aside). Being an able NS commander, I’m I will give adequate home elevators how not to obtain chewed into cat-food every round.

3. Just like in NS, I’ll piss and moan in game if people are doing bone-head things. I will be even harder on the few NS players who’ve migrated a little to CS. EVEN MORE SO if I’ve ever seen you in the command chair during an NS game. You ought to already know this stuff.

And here we go:

1. Buddy system: I can’t stress this enough. You shouldn’t be anywhere without a friend unless your only goal is to make a lot of noise as a distraction best csgo trading sites. If you get removed one which just really any info to your team, you have failed to create anything to your team. All they’ve to work with is what gun you got killed with.

2. Flashes: until you are flat-broke, EVERY SINGLE player in your team needs to have two flashes. This game isn’t meant for you yourself to wade into three camping enemies and gun all of them down without dying. It’s meant for you yourself to use their lack of mobility to your advantage.

3. Flashes #2: Demand flashes if you should be out. Don’t round a blind corner without one unless it just isn’t available.

4. Flashes #3: Don’t let flashes head to waste because you realize it may not have been effective around you’d hoped. At the very least use the opportunity to obtain a peak nearby, or even to setup for another flash.

5. Terrorists on bomb-sites: Ts CANNOT afford to obtain caught in gun-fights for almost any amount of time. It then comes right down to a straight death-match. When up against someone who has the advantage of more accurate fire: you will likely lose. It’s a risk you shouldn’t be taking.

6. Flanking: Gives me a warm-fuzzy. Pinned down, but know another way across the back/side? One guy keeps them busy, the others go around. The one guy may make a big pile of noise to mask the approach of the other team. Straight-up fights are for suckers. I find shooting someone in the back of the head is significantly more satisfying then cramming my barrel into his chest hoping he dies before I do.

7. Being pinned-down (goes back to 5): If two of one’s teammates round a corner and get picked off by snipers, what in case you do? If you said, “Run just after them and try to kill the sniper” then just let me know and I’ll shoot you in the face. At the very least then the CTs won’t get hardly any money from your death. Oh, and should you this if you have the bomb, I’ll knife you every round for 6 months (wyz said I could).

8. Blocking: If your teammate enters a fire-fight and needs to retreat, don’t block him by hoping to get is likely to bullets. Make his escape as easy as possible. Even when he’s 3 HP, he’s still a body that you’ll require to win.

9. Listen, listen, listen: there exists a long buy-time for a reason. If an agenda is made, and you ask why most people are managing a certain way, then you definitely have failed even the absolute most basic concept of “tactics.” (PS: shoot the hive).

10. Thunder boots are for Zeus, not CS players: I shouldn’t need certainly to even explain this one.

11. Cover your six: If there’s 4 T’s/CT’s in an organization and no body is watching a corner, you’re asking to obtain reamed by a sneaky enemy. Watch your radar, if you’re in the back be sure to stop any lead from landing there.

12. Rushing: Ts choose a bomb rush, you have the bomb. You can the site and it’s crawling with CTs. What can you do? Plant the bomb. If the guy planting the bomb gets killed and you had been closest to him, what can you do? Plant the bomb.

The entire point of a rush is to obtain the bomb down prior to the CTs can enter defensible positions. You have teammates that should be doing the shooting for you personally, let them. Obtaining the bomb down is really a powerful weapon in itself. That ticking drives the CTs to run in to disarm it. They will even run in one-by-one when they aren’t thinking right.

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